It’s planned to have an onsite training and conference facility for holistic training and guest evenings. A hydrotherapy pool will be a permanent facility for free use to supporters with dogs who need it.

We are dedicated to both the well being of the animals, and the environment in which they live. Over the years we have investigated and implemented many different therapies and living standards for the animals that take them away from the non eco-friendly means that animals are typically subject to. From food to care, rehabilitation and training, accommodation and beyond into the new home, all our rehomed dogs are cared for holistically and eco friendly and thus ensures a better, healthier life for them.

All dogs are raw fed. As well as being healthier and more natural for the dogs, it is actually cheaper than commercially produced dog food. Testament to this is that our resident dogs cost very little in vet fees, meaning that we can keep costs low so all funds raised can go towards rehoming more dogs. All our rehomed dogs go to homes that have been trained in rawfeeding so the dog can be raw fed for the future.

Care and rehabilitation is via alternative therapies such as Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Reiki, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hydrotherapy, Tellington Touch, Zoopharmacognosy and numerous others that are now being recognised in the dog world as viable alternatives to the current methods.

With the new sanctuary we not only intend to expand our rehoming capabilities, but expand it into a centre of excellence for holistic care by introducing the following:

  • Hydrotherapy facilities
  • Training education facilities for the public about holistic care: Homeopathy, Acupuncture, TTouch, Hydrotherapy, Zoopharmacognosy and Raw feeding
  • Eco kennels to accommodate and rehome rescue dogs
  • Accommodation for supporters to use facilities and socialise with the dogs
  • Electrical production facility using dog waste
  • Free running facilities